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Web Content


nline presence for any business or organization is no longer optional. It is essential. Your website is where your audience- your potential and current clients- begins to form their opinion of you. Any functional website includes the basic information to allow your audience to form an opinion as to whether to engage with you: your "Services", "About" you and your team, your "Contact" information. But what it may be lacking is an engagement strategy. This is the job of your web content. This is SCRIBE's job.

By uncovering your organizational objectives and your brand identity, SCRIBE creates written web content that goes to work for you.

  • To identify what makes you unique from your competitors.
  • To create an emotional connection with your audience.
  • To solidify your brand and create cohesion with the rest of your marketing strategy.
  • To encourage your audience to take action on your website, whatever that action may be: purchasing a product, calling you to book a consultation, signing up for your newsletter.
  • To weave in SEO-optimized content that forces the search engines to take notice of you.
  • To optimize your content with keywords that matter.
  • To build your business, and encourage your audience to continue to engage with you.


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