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Personal Branding


You might be looking for a lucrative new job or to launch your new career. Perhaps it is an opportunity on the lecture circuit you are pursuing. Maybe a coveted place in a desirable post-secondary institution, or a competitve scholarship is in your sightline. Your story, and how you present your story, is your ticket through the first gate. It can be a challenging exercise to market yourself with a delicate balance of bravado and humility, of credibility and willingness to learn. Turning to a professional experienced in branding and marketing is a wise first step to getting what you want and where you want to go.

SCRIBE will help you navigate that tenuous tightrope of self-promotion. We will help you develop a voice that is authentic to you, highlight your core competencies, and help you devise a plan to get noticed. We apply the same principles for marketing a business to marketing you as your best self. Together we examine you as a product- your features, advantages and benefits, what makes you unique, why you are the best choice.

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