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Who is SCRIBE?

Andrea Ting-Letts

Bachelor of Arts with Distinction | University of Victoria, 1999


 love words. Words woven together- artfully, sensibly, engagingly-is one of the key components to marketing businesses effectively. Words partner with graphic images to tell a more complete story. Words shine a spotlight on your message, whether in your web content, your proposals, your promotional materials, or your social media conversation. Words promote action, urgency & enrollment. Words inspire, provoke, and engage. Words sell. 

Throughout my careers in retail management, business development, and marketing, I have wielded the power of words to create documents as diverse as policy & protocol manuals, web content, executive summaries, competition entries, advertorials, job descriptions & performance appraisals, press releases, proposals, newsletters. 

I also have extensive experience in sales, in which I have honed a specific vocabulary that entices customers to buy. I understand why customers buy, and I am completely fluent in the language that addresses their pains and desires. This language translates effectively into all areas of technical writing. Business writing, whether your audience is your customers, your staff, your shareholders, or your banker, is always rooted in selling your concepts. 

My goal is to to transform dry technical writing into engaging story-telling that is meaningful, accessible & digestible. I purposefully steer wide of cliche, and I am a passionate grammar and spelling activist.

I balance my career as a professional writer by teaching yoga and Bellyfit Flow™,a fusion of yoga flow merged with ethnic dance movement. I love being outdoors with my family and friends (two-legged and four-legged alike), hiking the bounty of trails and beaches of Southern Vancouver Island. My diverse passions include nutrition and cooking, as well as travel, music, dance, reading, kayaking, fitness, and fashion.


“The journey between who you once were,
and who you are now becoming,
is where the dance of life really takes place.”
- Barbara De Angelis  


Why do you need a professional writer?

Here are 5 good reasons.