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ast turn-around, supremely organized and excellent quality of writing. I would not hesitate to seek out Andrea again for any project, large or small!

Mike Simmons

Communications Assistant, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority


I have had the pleasure to connect with Andrea and the connection was immediate. Andrea brings her education of women's studies and passion for women to succeed and her creative writing skills and blends all this to provide superb results for helping identify my marketing message. I am impressed with how she was able to take all that I stand for and my purpose to serve women into clever written words. I would recommend without hesitation Andrea to assist you with your marketing message. Thank you so very much!

Julie Atkinson

Owner, New Look New Life

CRIBE Professional Writing absolutely transformed our website content.  The previous text was written in-house and was too technical and dry to be of interest to anyone.  Andrea conducted very professional interviews with our staff and partners to understand and bring clarity to our complex mission.  Drawing on her strong business acumen, she was able to visualize and map an on-line space that is engaging, useful and functional for a broad audience.  Her technical writing captured everything we discussed and brought readability and continuity to our messaging. 

Furthermore, Andrea was reliable with product deliverables, deadlines and documentation.  This project would have continued to postponed indefinitely if it weren’t for her skill and determination.  We are grateful to Andrea and SCRIBE Professional Writing for elevating our on-line presence and professionalism. 

Micah Russell
Former Executive Director, CREST

I love working with Andrea.  And our clients love her work!  Her sales and management background, as well as her passion for reading, lend to her solid fabric as a writer.

I'm a small business marketing specialist, and I bring Andrea in on projects that require strong ad copy, pr or web content.  She is reliable, focused and thoughtful in her work.  She really does her research, taking the time needed to interview the client and understand her topic before putting pen to paper. And it really shows in her work!

Her background in sales and management gives her acute insight on how people behave, and the mental/emotional processes involved in making a purchase.  This gives Andrea the unique ability to craft engaging stories out of otherwise dry information.  Equally impressive is her ability to spot talent.  She uses this ability when helping best represent others via their personal resumes and promotional content.  A born storyteller, Andrea is an artist - a wordsmith - who can turn something as dry as instructions into a journey of the mind.  I strongly recommend her professional writing services to business owners and career seekers alike.

Summer Coley-Ward
Marketing Strategist, Agent Noir Marketing Group

ndrea Ting-Letts of Scribe Professional writing has been a valuable resource for our company.  Scribe did the wording on our new website and the results were amazing!  I have had compliments from clients about the wording and the overall message of the website and I thank Andrea of Scribe for that.

There is an obvious difference between a business owner who writes his own website or other promotional material and a professional writer; and potential clients take notice.  I wholly recommend Andrea of Scribe for all your promotional word content.  Believe me, it can make the difference in how your company is viewed by the public.

Dale R. Schuss, RPA
President, Randall North Real Estate Services Inc.

e’ve been working with Scribe on a number of projects, most recently reworking the content on our website.  We’ve been extremely pleased with the overall quality of work and the responsiveness in meeting deadlines.  Scribe took the time to listen and learn about our business, and this effort was reflected in the final product.  We look forward to working with Andrea on other projects in the future.

Michael Treasure, MBA
Senior Partner, Arbutus Solutions