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Why hire SCRIBE?

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Writer 

"I have been wanting to improve my website for a while now. And I month. Maybe.

Sound familiar? There are a myriad of priorities that always seem to take precedence over improving your website content. Writing takes time- a lot of very precious time, especially if it does not come second nature to you. Revising your website also requires you to revisit your values, your commitments, your mission, and your vision. The proverbial can of worms must be opened, and you hardly have time for that. Conceptualizing your business on a theoretical level can be task more daunting than merely writing about it!

SCRIBE utilizes a formula designed to help you answer all these tough questions, and uncover your organization's authentic voice. We help you to narrow down your message, and build your content around consistency. By leaving your website content to SCRIBE, you are able to focus on the more pressing priorities that only you can solve.

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"I am a pretty decent writer. I don't need to hire someone to do it for me." 

Crafting a well-composed sentence is definitely an underrated, and uncommon, skill for which you deserve to be applauded. But does your writing sell effectively? Does your writing influence your clients to take action? Professional copywriters and content marketers are trained to compel a specific response from your audience.

SCRIBE owner Andrea Ting-Letts combines a lengthy career in customer service and sales with creative content marketing tactics and exceptional writing skills. Engaging SCRIBE to write for your business will result in a more professional brand for your organization, and will help you convert more customers.  

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"My credentials should speak for themselves."

Have you noticed that everyone is calling themselves an expert these days? In this noisy arena of self-promotion, not to mention steady unemployment rates, attracting attention to yourself has never been more challenging. Effectively and creatively highlighting your areas of expertise- whether in your resumé, your applications for post-secondary school, your grant or loan applications or your professional profile- is essential. 

In her previous management positions, SCRIBE owner Andrea Ting-Letts has reviewed thousands of resumes. She knows which ones are most likely to make it to the top of the pile, and she has first hand experience in the elusive skill of getting noticed. SCRIBE can assist you with building your professional profile so that you position yourself directly in the spotlight.

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"Who needs good content when you have great graphics?"  

There is no question that graphic images on any of your marketing materials is a crucial component. Website visitors, according to Canadian researchers, form their first impressions of web pages is as little as 1/20th of a second. This is where your graphic elements must have impact. But once your have captured your audience, it is your web content that must continue to engage, and inspire action. It is your written content that educates your potential clients and positions you as an expert. It is also your written content that makes you visible to the search engines, ranking your higher amongst your competitors, and driving more potential business to your site.

SCRIBE works collaboratively with your graphic and web designers to create a brand that it is consistent and authentic. SCRIBE develops the voice of your organization so that you can be heard above the din.  

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"It is just a proposal. It doesn't need to be interesting."  

In short, yes, it does. It really does. Never before have we been so bombarded by endless communications- in our personal email, in our social media accounts, and especially in our workplaces . When you do have something significant to share, how do you make your information resonate? Most people are not engaged by information that is forcefed to them. People are engaged by stories that they can relate to.

SCRIBE's objective is to transform dry technical writing into story-telling that is meaningful, accessible and digestible. From executive summaries to advertorials to competitions, SCRIBE will ensure your organization will be resoundingly original and make an impact.  

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