The cobbler's kids finally have some shoes!

As the old adage goes, sometimes those closest to us are the first to be neglected. Such was case with my own website. After what feels like an eternity, I am finally ready to release this body of work into the world (wide web, that is).

Why hire SCRIBE?

or most people, writing is a task burdened with anxiety and dread. Where do I start? What message do I want to send? What if my writing is boring, laden with clichés, or filled with grammatical and spelling errors?

And like it or not, writing matters. For every self-published blogger with a passion to extol or a bone to pick, there are 10 times as many critics, many of whom gleefully dole out their disparagement based simply on an inaccurate use of "your" vs "you're". Yes, the grammar police are out there, in full force with riot gear at the ready.

"So what?" you ask. "Who cares?"

Well, let's say this piece of writing is meant to represent your business, like a page on your website. Let's say your mandate is to have your clients believe you are reliable and attentive to their needs. Believe it or not, there is a significant portion of our population that associate poor communication in whatever form- written or otherwise- with inadequate service. "How can Business X," they think, "really meet my needs if they can't even take the time to correct spelling errors on their website? What kind of care and attention to details will they provide me?"

SCRIBE is here to help you navigate this tenuous minefield.  Not only does SCRIBE design intriguing content that gets read, our background in sales and marketing offers an unparalleled advantage: we know how to influence your customers to take the action you want. We know how convert browsers into buyers.